Origami Kimono Ornaments
Cunning miniature kimonos handcrafted in fabric.
Several dozen to choose from!
Hang them or frame them! 
A perfect gift year-round,
or just the right touch for your feng shui corner.  I designed the fabric Origami Kimono Ornament in 1996, inspired by the traditional paper origami kimono and my own collection of vintage Japanese kimonos. The shape and details have evolved since then, and the qualities of fabric add another graceful dimension over the paper form.

In keeping with tradition, the design does not stop with the outer garment, but continues to the lining color, which determines the ornament's character.

Each ornament is complete with a bamboo dowel and a gold cord for hanging, and comes mounted on a fine white linen card and protected by an extra clear zip seal bag. 

Ornaments are 3.5" x 5" $20 each

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